The Coolest Santa Cruz Breweries to Have a Great Beer

Are you planning on visiting the Santa Cruz, California area? If so, you probably know that this is a great place for delicious craft beer. Regardless of whether you enjoy ales, IPAs, Saisons, lagers, sours, or the occasional pilsner, there are plenty of brewers who will gladly welcome you into their taproom.

You can find an amazing brewing company or two in the Santa Cruz, Capitola, and Soquel areas, but where should you go if you are looking for the best dog-friendly beer garden? Take a look at some of the best breweries in the Santa Cruz County areas, and make sure you don\’t miss these craft breweries during your trip! 

1. Humble Sea Brewing

Photo Credit: madewestbeer via Instagram

Without a doubt, one of the best Santa Cruz breweries you need to check out is called Humble Sea Brewing. They are one of the most popular breweries on the west coast, and they are known for having a nautical theme. This is a company that supports nonprofit organizations that focus on ocean conservation, so you know your money is going to go to a good cause. They also support human rights organizations.

If you like hoppy beers, you have come to the right place. They are known for their pale ales and triple IPAs, but you can also enjoy some delicious stouts, ciders, and sours. They also have a delicious food menu as well. You will probably find some tacos, BBQ, and empanadas on the menu. The tasting room is also dog-friendly, and they have yoga classes from time to time. Don\’t forget to enjoy the outdoor patio as well! If you really love their beers, they have free local delivery.

You can find this brewery located at 820 Swift St, Santa Cruz, CA 95060

2. Discretion Brewing

Photo Credit: discretionbrewing via Instagram

Discretion Brewing is frequently listed as one of the top breweries in the area. It isn\’t just known for its beer, as it has an impressive food menu as well. As the name suggests, the brewpub focuses on using sustainable practices. The menu is all farm-to-table, so this is a great location if you want to try food from some of the local farmers. 

Of course, this is a brewery that has an impressive array of beers as well. They use local ingredients to make the beer, and they have a large indoor and outdoor dining area for you to kick back and relax. This is also a brewery that has some live music from time to time, so you know you will have a great time if you enjoy a beer at this location.

If you want to give this brewery a try, you can find it at 2703 41st Ave, Soquel, CA 95073.

3. New Bohemia Brewing Co

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New Bohemia Brewing is an internationally inspired brewing company. All of the beers have a Bohemian theme to them, which means they come from the Czech Republic. This brewery strives to adhere to some of the oldest traditions of beer making, and it shines through in the delicious beers they offer.

They are located right on the coast, so you can take in the salt air as you relax in the Beer Garden. Of course, they also have delicious food. This spot is known for its Kamado grill, so you can enjoy some pulled pork, sausage, and brisket. They also have some delicious sauces to go with your food.

You can also enjoy some of their delicious beer if you aren\’t in the local area. They will ship to just about anywhere. For these reasons, consider giving this brewery a try.

You can find it at 1030 41st Ave, Santa Cruz, CA 95062.

4. Santa Cruz Mountain Brewing

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Just across the street from Humble Sea Brewing is Santa Cruz Mountain Brewing Company. This taproom is known for its organic beers, so this is a great location for those who are environmentally conscious. They strive to use sustainable practices that protect the Earth and the ocean. In particular, they pay attention to Monterey Bay, which is close by.

All of the ingredients are locally sourced, and they work hard to create some of the best microbrews in the area. Keep in mind that this also means the menu can change from week to week, so be sure to check back from time to time to see what else is on the menu. They have an outdoor garden, an art wall, and welcome your furry friends. They try to display art from some of the local artists in the area.

The menu is unique. You can find pretzels, Market salads, tofu, and even Banh Mi sandwiches! They also have food trucks that swing by from time to time.

If you want to check out this Brewery, you can find it located at 402 Ingalls St #27, Santa Cruz, CA 95060.

5. Sante Adairius Rustic Ales

Photo Credit: rusticales via Instagram

If you are looking for something a bit different, then you may want to swing by Sante Adairius Santa Cruz Portal to try some delicious rustic ales. This is a brewery that is consistently on the list of the top breweries in the region, and they have some delicious food you can enjoy. There are multiple locations, but they have one in Capitola. Therefore, it isn\’t that far away.

This is also a brewery that has a strong social media presence. When they have a new beer coming out, they usually announce it. Then, there is a quick rush for their fans to try it, so you\’ll definitely want to be on top of your game if you want to try one of their new ales before they are sold out. This is definitely a brewery that you do not want to miss, so make sure you add this one to your list if you want to try some of the best beer in the area.

You can find it located at 1315 Water St, Santa Cruz, CA 95062.

6. Shanty Shack Brewing

Photo Credit: shantyshackbrewing via Instagram

This is a locally-owned and operated brewery that has a lot of interesting events from time to time. This is a great place to go if you like live music, and you can also find some local artists at work here from time to time. They also have plenty of outdoor games on the patio, a fire pit, and numerous other events that take place. This is also a brewery that welcomes children and dogs, and they also offer food from local food trucks. All of their cans and bottles are designed with unique artwork that you will not want to throw away! 

This was one of the first breweries in the area to offer free beer delivery services, and they still do so. If you order your beer online, it will be delivered in a few days. They also have a drive-through beer pickup option.

The menu is known for its sweet and sour beers. They have beers featuring tangerine, pineapple, and raspberry. They do have an IPA or two on the menu as well. You can also find Belgian beers, porters, stouts, and pilsners. 

If you want to give this brewery a try, you can find it located at 138 Fern St, Santa Cruz, CA 95060

7. Seabright Brewery

Photo Credit: eastbaybeergirl via Instagram

If you are looking for some delicious beer in Santa Cruz County, you will also want to swing by Seabright Brewery. Also called Seabright Social, this is a great place to hang out with your family members and friends. They have indoor and outdoor areas, and they have a wide variety of drinks on the menu. In addition to delicious beer, they have wine, spirits, cocktails, and cider. They also have special events that happened from time to time.

This is also a great brewery if you want to bring your dogs to hang out with you. It is one of the most popular spots in the neighborhood, and it is definitely something that you need to add to your list if you want to try the best beer in Santa Cruz.

If you are interested in trying this brewery, you can find it located at 519 Seabright Ave UNIT 107, Santa Cruz, CA 95062. 

8. Uncommon Brewers

Photo Credit: uncommonbeer via Instagram

This is a relatively small Brewery in Santa Cruz; however, they are still one of the most popular options in the area. They are known for their Belgian beer brewed with pepper, which has a nice kick to it. They also have a delicious Scotch ale with peat and beech that tastes incredible. 

The tasting area is called The Oasis. You can swing by this area for some spirited pints and pies, which means they also have delicious pizza. You may want to explore some of their outdoor dining options as well. The menu changes from time to time, so make sure you swing by often. This is a small brewery, they don\’t have a lot of special events going on, but this is an intimate environment if you want to hang out with family members and friends. You can also get to know the brewers if you spend a few minutes chatting with them.

You can find this brewery located at 303 Potrero Street #40H, Santa Cruz, CA 95060.

Find the Best Breweries in the Local Santa Cruz Area

In the end, these are just a few of the best breweries in the local area. Many of them serve delicious food, such as tapas, and they are spread out throughout the local area. You can find them in Soquel, Capital, and even Watsonville. They have awesome tasting rooms, and many of these local breweries support charitable organizations. Therefore, this is a great place to get some good beer when beer thirty rolls around. 

Consider checking out a brewpub or two if you are looking for a good time during your next trip to Santa Cruz County. These are breweries that will welcome the whole family, so make sure you do not miss out! Furthermore, you should consider checking out their social media calendars to see if they have any events going on. This could be a great way for you to get the most out of your trip along the west coast.