See What Some of our Owners are Saying about our Management Services:

“Thank goodness for Liz and John and the Beachnest Team. I had a lovely house in Santa Cruz, and I wanted to rent it when I wasn\’t visiting my family. I was hesitant because I wished tender loving care for my home. Luckily, I found Beachnest; Liz and John have managed my house since June 2019 and taken beautiful care of my home. I left for Paris in January 2020, never realizing I would be in confinement and unable to travel for over a year. It was peace of mind to know Beachnest and the team were looking after my house and bringing in a generous income as well. After one windy storm, the Beachnest team repaired my fence and always maintained my property in pristine condition. I never had a worry. I am selling my lovely house now because Paris has become my new home. I was extremely fortunate to have met Liz and John Pickart. I will remain in contact with the Beachnest Team because I will rent short-term when I return to visit Santa Cruz. Thank you, Liz and John, and the fantastic Beachnest team. It has been a great two years. Did I mention Liz helped me find an excellent real estate agent?”

–R. Perron (June 2019 to March 2021)

“I want to thank you for managing my property, “Old World Charm” on Las Olas Drive for 5 years. It was nearly effortless with the support you provided. Knowing renting the house was a business decision, I was pleased with the near-full occupancy rate. Not complaining, however, Beachnest kept it rented so often that my family and I hardly had an opportunity to enjoy! Apparently, you screened the guests meticulously as I did not experience a single problem with care of the house or complaints from neighbors. I appreciate the timely monthly income and Beachnest’s ability to take such good care of a property that was in our family for 40 years. Good job! Please feel free to give my information and phone number to potential clients that are looking for a first-class property rental management organization.”

– J. Johnston, Owner of Old World Charm (managed from 2010 to 2014)

“Susanna Eaton from Beachnest began managing our vacation rental property located in the Seacliff Beach area of Aptos in 2006. Her step-daughter, Liz Pickart, took over management in 2008 and managed the property until it sold in 2010. While under Liz’s management, we were pleased by the careful screening process which resulted in nearly 90% occupancy during the peak-season of a recession. The majority of guests were very respectful of the house, and as a local resident, I often times checked the property personally, and was very pleased by the care and attention it was shown. Being a local, I was approached by numerous realtors interested in my vacation rental. Beachnest’s client base was so far superior to your typical Aptos vacation rental due to the screening process which always placed the people who displayed the utmost care within my house. Their clients always showed integrity in the following the contract’s limits. Liz’s attention-to-detail and professional customer service skills are exemplary and we will happily contract with Beachnest again, should the need arise.”

– J. Scurich, Owner of Seacliff Cottage (managed by Beachnest from 2006 to 2010)

“Beachnest was recommended to us when we purchased our property in 2008. We have enjoyed a great relationship over the years and recommend their services to other vacation home owners that are interested in rental income but don’t want the challenge of property management. We appreciate the personal and fully turnkey service and quick response when we’ve had issues or problems.”

– J. Finegan, Owner of Mitchell’s Cove Beach House (managed from 2008 to present)

“I have used Liz and John at Beachnest Vacation Rentals for the rental of my Shoreview Cottage property in Santa Cruz for the past year. During that time I have been very happy with the rental income and also the care given to my property. Originally Liz gave me an idea of what to expect as far as a rental occupancy rate would be, it has definitely done better than either of us had expected. The maintenance and cleaning of my place was done so as I never heard a complaint nor had any damage done. Liz & John were very easy to work with, especially getting started, as she knew what I should do to prepare my property and what items I should keep or remove. If I had any questions, I could contact her and things would be taken care of in a timely fashion. This was very helpful when I wanted to use my place or one of my children and their families wanted to do the same. I would recommend Beachnest Vacation Rentals to any property owner that is thinking of renting and feel that they would be just as happy as I was with her service.”

– M. Kelly, Owner of Shoreview Cottage (managed from 2012 to 2014)

“My family and I take pride in owning a beach home in beautiful Pleasure Point (Santa Cruz, CA, which means it can be very scary to think about renting our property to just anyone, but Beachnest has not only eliminated our stress, they have become a true extension of our family. We rest easy knowing that each and every potential tenant has been through their screening process, and being local we also know that whether a simple maintenance or emergency issue arise, we can count on Beachnest to handle the situation. Being a business owner with very little time to tend to our property, yet maximizing our income, communication is also very important to me in any relationship and I could not be happier in choosing Liz and John Pickart to manage all aspects of our rental property.”

– R. Rositano, Owner of Paradisio Pleasure Point (managed from 2015 to 2019).

“I have been using Beachnest’s managements services for my property in the Seascape area of Aptos since 2007, and I have been very pleased with the scope of their services. Back in 2008-2009 in a downturn economy, through Liz’s network of corporate housing contacts, she was able to keep my property rented for month’s at a time at above market rental rates. Since then, Beachnest has obtained the short term vacation rental permit for our property, and we have completely remodeled the unit. In conjunction with corporate housing, we are enjoying seasonal nightly rates with excellent returns, while being able to utilize the property personally. I would recommend Beachnest to any owner considering monthly furnished or short term rentals.”

– B. Lister, Owner of Sea Escape (managed from 2008 to present)

“As a homeowner, I was pleased with the care Beachnest took of my property. They were easy to work with, did a good job generating rental income through a variety of clientele, and were prompt and honest in communications. Would recommend them to any homeowner interested in starting a vacation rental.”

– S. Brady, Owner of Succulent Garden Oasis (managed from 2017 to 2018)

“As a property owner with a vacation rental on site, and having been in the vacation rental business for 20 years, as well as a Realtor, I can say that Beachnest expertly understands Santa Cruz County local regulations and ordinances. Simply said, their “Corporate Rental” program is the perfect solution for those buyers who want to rent out their home, but also want to reserve some time to enjoy it personally. Well done, Beachnest.”